Labin: Travel Guide


Labin is a tiny little town up in the mountains. Driving there was an utter nightmare, especially for my car-sick passengers. It was a really cute little place though. We stayed in an AirBnb which was one of the only places available to stay in the town, which had a great view down to the sea at nearby Rabac.

There isn’t actually a whole lot to do in Labin itself, but the town is connected to the wider area by a huge network of footpaths. It’s a bit of a walker’s paradise. We took the trail down to Rabac to grab an ice cream (Rabac didn’t strike me as that nice, a but Eurocamp-y but nothing offensive), then the much, much harder trek back uphill. It was a really nice walk but it was hard in the Istrian summer heat.

The other highlight of Labin was the food. We went to a restaurant called Kvarner, and it was so good we went back. I had one of the best steaks I have ever eaten there. They really specialised in Istrian food, and the staff were really friendly to boot.

That steak

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