Rovinj: Travel Guide


Rovinj was our first stop, and as a welcome to a country I am struggling to think of a better one. It’s not a big place, spreading outward from its historic old town, which is its main attraction. The tagline on the Rovinj tourism website is “one of the most picturesque towns on the Mediterranean,” and it is really hard to argue.

The old town consists of a maze of tiny streets, paved with white cobbles, that weave and wind up to the church in its centre. They are full of restaurants and bars (Tipico was our favourite), as well as shops selling arts and crafts and artisan foods. Once you have managed to navigate your way out of the labyrinthine streets, the harbour is a nice place to eat and drink too. Lastly, the sea just south of Rovinj was absolutely stunning. We went on the beaches at Park Suma Zlatini, and it only cost 30 Kuna for a day on a sunbed. You can use the ones at the hotels at the northern end of the bay, but they are three times more expensive. I think if you were sneaky you could probably use the hotel pools but I didn’t chance it.


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