Zadar: Travel Guide



Our last stop was Zadar, about half way down Croatia. It’s another of those “Dubrovnik-lite” towns, ancient, beautiful, walled and sticking out into a beautiful blue sea. It’s a lot more bustling than the other stops on our Croatia tour, mainly because it’s a much bigger town.

Getting Around

Zadar is beautifully walkable. It’s flat, fairly compact, and has the added benefit of cracking views just about everywhere you look. Walking at sunset is particularly enjoyable.


Airbnb was our friend here. Our hostess, Iva, could not have been more friendly or helpful. She was even forgiving when I tore up the grass next to her driveway with my car following a torrential rain storm…


Old Town – Like Rovinj, the principal attraction is the old town. Unlike Rovinj, the old town is pretty big, there’s loads of stuff in there, especially if you are into your history. There’s lots of Roman and pre-Roman architecture, and a museum containing exhibits of it. It’s also where you find all the restaurants and bars, and a semblance of a nightlife too. Our favourite restaurant was a place called Pet Bunara just off the Five Wells Square, where they specialised in Dalmatian (the area, not the dog, duh) cuisine. It gets busy so book ahead.

Sea organ – The most unique attraction Zadar has to offer however, is its sea organ. “What the hell is a sea organ?” you are entitled to ask. Well, imagine the noise made of a hurricane went through a bottle factory but did no damage and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Essentially the rise and fall of the waves plays a giant instrument, making a constant slightly alien but not unpleasant array of notes. It has to be seen – and heard – to be believed.


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