Snapshot of the Week – Chichen Itza

This is the first of our weekly Lego updates. In the little known (read “packed with tourists”) Mayan city of Chichen Itza. A bit out of the way, a bit crowded, a bit expensive and absolutely, jaw dropping-ly incredible.

We’ve been in Mexico for 4 days and our life in England already feels like a lifetime ago. Admittedly we haven’t exactly stretched ourselves – the heat does that to you. That said, in 96 short hours, we’ve been to a night market, toured a Mexican folk art gallery, swam in a cenote and visited one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Plus we even squeezed in time for a much-needed chill by the pool in Cancun, not to mention eating our weight in tacos.

Essentially, this travelling lark seems like a pretty good choice. We’re four days in to a three year trip. It won’t always be this good or this easy, but it’s nice to feel like we’ve made a good decision for a change. Dare I say it… I think we might be… happy?


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