Snapshot of the Week – Tulum

Weekly Lego update number 2, and our little guys are back at some more ruins! They just can’t get enough of those Mayans.

The photo was taken at the Mayan site in Tulum, which, although nowhere near as iconic as Chichen Itza, was pretty damn impressive. Whether it was the insanely blue sea or the lizard mafia which seem to patrol the ruins, we actually enjoyed these ruins slightly more than its impressive pyramid neighbour.

It’s been a pretty damn good week. We bussed it from Valladolid to Cozumel at the start of the week. Although the town itself is an insane tourist trap, the diving was incredible. Three turtles, two nurse sharks and a barracuda – well worth the hordes of cruise ship passengers.

We’ve spent the last few days in Tulum, which is a strange little place. One half of Tulum is like Cancun 2.0 – all beach bars and all-inclusive hotels that line the gorgeous seafront. The other half consists of Tulum town, which is the go-to hippie backpacker destination. We’ve never seen so many damn vegan restaurants. The town is pretty cool though, with tons of cheap (and very good) eats, a decent hostel scene and collectivos (mini taxi-bus things) to take you to an abundance of gorgeous beaches, cenotes and ruins.

The downside of this last week – rain aplenty and Sadie’s subsequent mosquito mauling. We expected tropical weather, but this has taken the piss. It’s rained more on the Yucatan than it has in Yorkshire. Luckily, we’ve had (just about) enough sun to make the most of the spectacular scenery in the area, and to top up our pasty skin somewhat. We’ll be hoping, most likely in vain, for bluer skies as we head south next week into Belize.




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