Mexico: Yucatan Travel Guide

To be totally honest, this falls miserably short as a travel guide for Mexico. To truly do Mexico justice, you could spend months, maybe years, exploring the various regions. We merely scratched the surface of the Yucatan peninsula – the Caribbean bordered South Eastern region, and to say we are a bit hooked is an understatement. Yucatan alone boasts a myriad of cenotesMayan ruins, dense jungles and gorgeous beaches.We only spent 10 days there, and already have a long list of places we hope to visit.

Mexico has a heck of a lot to offer – as long as you avoid the usual tourists traps (I’m looking at you Cancun) it is incredibly affordable, the people are friendly, it’s well connected by a brilliant bus network and the food…well, it deserves its international reputation as the pinnacle of binge food. 50p tacos? Hell to the yes. The only downsides of our time here were the varied weather (god bless the tropics) and the subsequent mosquitoes which savaged Sadie.

One thing we decided almost immediately – we’re coming back, perhaps in the dry season this time.







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