Snapshot of the Week – Belize

Little bit late this week, my bad. Here are our two happy little chaps enjoying the Caribbean sunshine. You will notice the Union Jack, a little nod to the fact that Belize was a British colony until 1981(!!) and that they still have the Queen on their cash. You may also notice in the background a few little grey clouds, and if we’re entirely honest, these are what have dominated our last week or so, making it feel even more like dear old Blighty.

You see the thing with the tropics is that they have two seasons, quite wet and really wet. At the moment, we are just in the transition between the latter and the former, meaning that there is pretty much a chance of anything dropping from the sky.

For the last two weeks we haven’t had a dry 24 hours. On a dive trip in Cozumel, it rained so much and I was so cold that I felt like I was at Passchendaele. The next time I got on a boat in Belize, we had to cower under a tarp while it threw it down so hard that I could add the noise of machine gun fire to my first world war experience. In the last two weeks it has rained so much more in the Yucatan than in Yorkshire that I’m starting to think I should have packed long johns and tea instead of my optimistic stash of suncream.

Of course there is a flip side to this. Because of the persistent downpours, when the sun did decide to show its face, we did the ultimate British thing – we baked. Not in the flour, eggs and sugar sense (and no, not in the more stereotypical Caribbean sense either, thank you), but in the sense that we lay in the sun for hours on end until our skin decided go more red and white than an EDL rally. There really are no half measures when it comes to Brits and the sun.

In other news away from the downpours, Caye Caulker was stunning. A real Caribbean island paradise, with more rum and reggae than you can shake a stick at. We’ve eaten a stupid amount of lobster, swam with Loggerhead turtles and giant manta rays and drank cocktails watching the sunset. With a heavy heart we’ve left the coast after a few weeks now, headed inland to San Ignacio and on to the Guatemalan border. More adventures await 🙂

A turtle, two manta rays and what I believe is called a Trump fish. Heh.



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