Snapshot of the Week – Guat’s Entertainment

This week’s Lego adventure has taken us to some pretty spectacular places, which Guatemala seems to have in spades. The above photo was taken atop the still very active Pacaya volcano, about an hour and a half’s drive from Antigua. Just minutes after this photo was taken, the Volcano just behind Lego-Sadie’s head treated us to a mini-eruption, which was pretty amazing to see from a (thankfully) safe distance.

2016-11-12 09.39.17.jpg
The erupting Acatenango on the far left

Since we last blogged we have left the coast behind and headed inland, where the storm clouds have abated and we’ve been enjoying some sun. Just as well really, since we’ve been to two Mayan ruins with massive temples in honour of the sun god Kinich Ahau.  We took in San Ignacio in Belize, where Sadie unfortunately got savaged by some bed bugs, and then took a scary-ass bus from the Guatemalan border to Flores. We had money issues in Flores, where Santander decided to block all of my transactions, despite multiple phone calls, which was really helpful of them. We’ve been to Tikal, setting off at 4am to see the incredible ruins of an enormous city, made famous by George Lucas basing the rebel base there in A New Hope. We have taken another (truly terrifying – seriously the driving here is absolutely nuts) night bus to Antigua and spent a few days in the beautiful former capital. We’ve hiked up a volcano and toasted marshmallows on the earth. You could say it’s been a pretty busy week.

Tikal today (top) and a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (bottom)

The thing that is standing out in Guatemala, other than it’s staggering scenery, is the unbelievable friendliness of the people. Despite a pretty solid language barrier (neither of us can speak Spanish yet), everyone from bus drivers to total strangers are so willing to help without expecting anything in return. It has made a destination that seemed so daunting into one that we cannot wait to see more of. We’re at Lake Atitlan now for a week and simply cannot wait to explore more.

2016-11-11 15.55.58.jpg
Enjoying the view

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