​Snapshot of the Week: On the Road Again

The last 26 days have been something of a blur. Three weeks, five days and a few hours ago, we arrived freezing cold, jetlagged and excited for Christmas at Stansted Airport, our good family friends waiting for us with a lift. It seems like forever ago, but at the same time like we have had precisely no time back in the UK, and now we’re ready to leave again. Our Lego selves are seen here in front of a plane (that isn’t ours but for blog purposes let’s pretend that it is) at Heathrow terminal 4.

The thing with long term travel is that it looks great on paper. Well, actually nobody uses paper any more because it’s 2017, but it looks great on Instagram, and it sounds super glamorous to boot. Fun as it is, you do kind of forget what you miss out on until you get home. Friends and family come top of the list of course, followed closely by English food and plentiful free booze. Unfortunately after a few days of Christmassing to the max, we had to go and work (all this travel doesn’t pay for itself, sadly) and by the time we were done, we were over half way through our home-holiday (staycation? Homie-day? There are no good puns for this) and running out of time, fast, for everything we wanted to do whilst back in the UK.

We also took it upon ourselves to plan absolutely everything for the next few months, in the last few weeks. We have left nothing to chance. Every flight, every Airbnb, every bus and every trek that can be booked is booked and paid for. Given the current Oblivion-like trajectory of the pound, it seems like a better decision every day. It has made us a bit bloody stressed out though. The stress of it has also meant we’ve had to forsake a little social time, and it’s meant we’ve had more than a few squabbles, but hopefully it means that we can really make the most of our limited time in places this time round. This was something that we struggled a little with in Central America and we are determined to have learned from our mistakes.

We leave in a few hours and it’s safe to say we’re a little bit conflicted. We are ridiculously hyped to go and see some of the things we have planned – Rio, the Andes, Patagonia, Macchu Picchu… the list goes on – but we’re also sad to be leaving home behind so quickly. This trip is longer than our last one too, 180 days exactly (for insurance purposes), and six months is a long time to be away in anyone’s book. Nervous-excited is about the perfect description to be honest. In 24 hours we’ll be waking up in Rio, and I imagine the latter will outweigh the former when we see it. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about it. 


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