About this site

This site is two things at once. It is a blog to share our story, to keep our families informed that we are still alive and capable of typing and to keep a diary of our adventure.

It is also a shoestring travel guide, in the slightly vain hope that somebody, somewhere might see what we have done and be inspired to do something similar. Expect plenty of tips for foodies (we do like our grub), information on sustainable travel and budget tips and costs aplenty for long term travellers.

If you just want to find out what we’ve been up to, just click on the “Latest Posts” link in the menu, it will take you to the homepage where everything we have written appears in chronological order. Failing that, just hit “Blog” in the Categories sidebar over to the right (or down at the bottom on a mobile device). If these two options are too confusing, you can always click “The Story So Far” in the “Our Adventure” menu.

If you want to go somewhere and you have decided that our advice is worthwhile, simply navigate your way to a destination via the top menu and see if we have a guide for it.
These will obviously grow the further afield we go.

Lastly, please get in touch. Comment on the site or connect via social media.
We’re going to be away for a long time…